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 l_redallow_nobg_01Welcome to Cha Wan Excursion

Krabi is famous for its diversity of attractions. The most popular are those which include many islands, Elephant Trekking, Cliff Climbing and Kayaking.

elephant_trekking_krabiElephant trekking is through unspoilt forest and along shallow, winding rivers - an experience never forgotten.

Kayaking among the mangrove forests and into seemingly solid mountains is exhilarating and immensely enjoyable. These limestone outcrops that grow from the sea bed, have hidden openings, which, when entered by kayak, either lead to enclosed  lagoons surrounded by flora reminiscent of Jurassic Park, or into quite wondrous caves with stalagmites and stalactites millions of years old.

There are many more nearby places of interest.kayaking11 The really energetic can climb the 1200 plus steps that take the brave to Tiger Temple, or for those of a less-strenuous disposition can laze on one of the areas pristine beaches or even swim in the deliciously cool pools that form at various altitudes due to the torrents of fresh water cascading as a series of waterfalls a few miles inland.

High powered speedboats or the slightly slower long-tail boats are always in demand taking passengers to some of the many small islands that dot the horizon. Each one is different. Some ate inhabited – some are not. Certain operators offer a ‘Four islands’, ‘Hong island’  and Phi Phi island these are very popular.


Any of these excursions can be taken as Half Day or Full Day. And even mixed to suit individual tastes the choice is left to the client.


All excursions can be organised at our reception desk.

The best place in Aonang, Krabi.
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